Writing assignment – answer each question in 200 words- do not

Question 1:  

  • What regional differences in native societies and economies existed on the North American continent before European arrival? 
  • How did Europeans make sense of native societies

Question 2


  • Explain the social conditions in England that helped drive the colonization movement to the Americas, and the opportunities land offered English colonists and the obstacles they faced in the acquisition of land in the Americas.

Question 3


  • Explain the rise of slavery in the Chesapeake and the effect of Bacon’s rebellion on slavery.

Question 4


  • How did African slaves develop an African-American culture in eighteenth-century America?
  • How did African slaves resist their bondage in colonial America?

Question 5


  • How did the Seven Year’s War change the approach of the British imperial government toward the colonies?
  • Explain how that led to a crisis over representation and taxation.

Question 6


  • Discuss the participation of women in the American Revolution, and changes the political philosophy of republicanism brought for women in the wake of the Revolution.

Question 7


  • How did the authors of the Constitution create a balance between federal and state governments, and between large and small states?
  • What compromises did the Constitution make on the institution of slavery?

Question 8


  • Explain the irony of Thomas Jefferson’s acquisition of Louisiana.
  • What were the reasons for the Embargo Act of 1807, and what were its consequences?

Question 9

  • What new challenges and opportunities emerged with the growth of immigration in antebellum America?

Question 10


  • How did the market economy and its technologies shape the expansion of democracy in the 1830s?
  • How did that expansion of democracy affect African-Americans in the 1830s?

Question 11


  • How did cotton shape the institution of slavery in the antebellum South?
  • Explain the relationship between white slaveowners and non-slaveholding whites.

Question 12


  • How did women broaden American notions of freedom before the Civil War?
  • What role did women’s wage work play in the formation of a women’s movement?

Question 13

 Explain the motivations for southern states to secede, and Lincoln’s response to the challenge of secession 

Question 14


  • Discuss the struggle of African-Americans to gain the right to fight in the Civil War.


  • Foner, E., Give Me Liberty: An American History, 5th Seagull Edition, W. W. Norton & Company.

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