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Writing a reading note, just choose some articles in the book. DO NOT COPY FROM ONLINE


1. Three-page maximum (books) 

2. Single space, block format, justified margins, 10-point font 

3. APA bibliographic citation of the work as your ‘title’ 

4. Your name, course, section number and date at the upper right 

5. Use the bold subheadings below to segment your narrative 


1. Central theme – identify author’s main lesson/argument – what is the author(s) teaching us 

2. Critical analysis – evaluate the lesson/argument – strengths/weaknesses – considering pointing to a frame of reference in your own life or your training in the subject 

3. Main takeaways – so what and now what? How do we best apply the knowledge from this article/book?

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Give me before 1pm on 2/1/2020