Who is able to complete this discussion post?


Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review Chapter 16:  Strategic Elements of Competitive Advantage, and table 16-2: D’Cruz’s  model, “Dynamic Strategic Interactions in Hypercompetitive Industries.”

  • Define the term hypercompetition with an example. Identify a firm that competes in a hypercompetitive industry.
  • Explain how the five partners (flagship) model developed by Rugman and D’Cruz differ from Porter’s five forces model?
  • Determine how the firm you selected uses dynamic strategic  interactions to compete in each arena listed in the model on 16-2, which  are cost and quality, timing and know-how, entry barriers, and deep  pockets.
  • What is the connection if any, between national competitive advantage and a company competitive advantage?

Your initial discussion post should be 275 words. Cite your textbook and any other sources used to support your ideas. Textbook:  Keegan, W. J., & Green, M. C. (2020). Global marketing (10th ed.). Retrieved from https://www.vitalsource.com 

I have attached chapter 16 of the textbook below. You will also see 16.2

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