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Implementing EBP Model in Practice, Administration, or Education Setting

            To implement evidence based practice (EBP), the Iowa Model is widely considered to be one of the best models to use. It is routinely used in implementing EBP in nursing practice and education. This model consists of seven steps for implementation including: selecting a topic, forming a team, evidence retrieval, grading the evidence developing a EBP standard, implementing the evidence, and evaluation (Buckwalter et al., 2017). Due to the thorough nature of this theory, it can useful in implementing EBP interventions in nursing education and/or practice. This model is detailed in terms of the steps that it lays out and allows for a researcher to easy follow the steps to implement EBP in their respective setting. Another important step in the process of implementing EBP is evaluation, this model addresses this topic and allows the researcher to determine if the intervention was effective in practice or an educational setting (Buckwalter et al., 2017).

Introducing the Change

 This change could be introduced by two methods. First to help introduce the change a team could be formed specific to that area of practice (Buckwalter et al., 2017). This would help facilitate engagement among staff members when trying to implement EBP in a practice setting or among learners in an educational environment. The other major factor with using this model to introduce change, is the impact or magnitude of the problem being researched. If the problem lacks depth and importance, it is less likely to be implemented (Buckwalter et al., 2017).

Barriers to Change

 One possible barrier to introducing this model may be lack of support for its use in the practice or educational setting. For example, some staff members may find the IOWA Model more difficult to use compared to other models. Another possible barrier is preconceived notions that EBP research and implementation is difficult and time consuming. Lastly, another barrier to implementing change with this model is that some people may find that using this process takes time and some may not want to use this method (Buckwalter et al., 2017).

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