Week 8 assignment | Economics homework help

Review the case studies for the week, and select one for this Assignment. Note that all organizations aim to create value, regardless of whether they are for- or non-profit, public or privately held, large or small. Each case describes an organization that seeks to achieve its goals through its operations and initiatives.

For this Assignment, prepare the first draft of a systems diagram, identifying the primary system archetypes that the case describes. Identify the key paradigm-based constraints that prevent subjects in the case study from seeing other options.


For the case you selected, complete the following:

  • Develop robust systems diagrams that capture the system behaviors and outcomes for your client’s organization.  Include a 5-Why effect-cause-effect analysis, and a causal loop diagram (CLD) that identifies appropriate system constraints and delays and that also identifies the key system archetypes described in the case. (1 page for the 5-Whys diagram, 1 page for the full CLD).
  • Write a persuasive, detailed, prioritized description of your findings and make specific recommendations that integrates the analyses you have performed. (1 page, single-spaced)
  • Describe the lessons you learned from the case study and explain how you might apply them in the future.

APA Format

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