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iscussion Forum Week 1

Discussion Forum Week 1Read The Cohesion Case (“Coca-Cola Company, 2018”) at the end of Chapter 1 and then do Exercise 1A “Update the Coca-Cola Cohesion Case” (Coca-Cola Press Releases can be located in the “Events, Reports, and Releases” tab on the Coca-Cola website).  This is a one-page, double-spaced assignment.Then go to the end of Chapter 2 and do Exercise 2A and 2B “Write a Vision and Mission Statement for the Coca-Cola Company.”  This is a minimum of one-page, double-spaced assignment.After completing Exercise 1A from Ch. 1 and Exercise 2a and 2 B from Ch. 2, submit your work in this discussion forum.  Discuss your work and the work of others on these assignments by typing peer replies (200-word minimum each).  As a class, attempt to refine the vision and mission statements to provide optimum suggestions for the Coca-Cola Company. 

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