Week 03 – chapter 3

Criteria for answers:

1) Direct reference to the chapter’s laws/regulations (Employment Laws, Case Law, Statutes)
2) Direct reference to the chapter’s concepts (discrimination, ethics, social responsibility)
3) Quotes from the text.
4) Personal opinions based on an analysis of the above.
5) Each answer should be a paragraph (or a minimum of 5-7 sentences long) 

Read chapter 3 (attached) and answer the following question:

1. Read this week’s ethical dilemma. What was the Real Message? Pg. 63

What would you do?

2.  Given that, in the next few years, 40+% of folks entering the workforce are likely to belong to minority populations, what should we be doing now to begin attracting and retaining them as employees? 

3. What can management do to better accommodate single and/or working parents? 

4. Why must management be careful when designing benefits packages for a diverse workforce? 

5. Discuss some of the most important provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Title VII. 

6.  The ADA was a landmark piece of legislation and connected the ability to perform the essential functions of a job with reasonable accommodation. How has this statute impacted both employers and employees? 

7.  What happens when the state law is more generous than federal provisions? For example Vermont law includes sexual orientation as a protected class. What does this mean for employers and employees 

8.  Discuss the role of mediation in resolving conflict and lessening the legal backlog for the EEOC. 

9. Pick one of the recruitment techniques described in table 3-2 and describe how you might institute this at your place of work. 

10.  Give an example of adverse impact. 

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