Waves and vibrations lab | Physics homework help

Lab Experiment/Activity 12

Waves and Vibrations





Watch the tutorial on Waves and Vibrations at The Physics Place. (You should NOT be prompted to login. If you cannot access this site, please contact Heather Hill via email.)

Crossword Puzzle (11 points)

On the Homepage under Lab 12 Waves and Vibrations, you will see a link for ” Lab 12 Crossword “. Complete the crossword. Check Answers. Right click on the puzzle to Select All. Once highlighted, right click on the puzzle and COPY. Paste your completed puzzle into your Report Lab 12.

Ranking Tasks (9 points)

Rank each sound wave by amplitude. 

1)  Rank the amplitudes from least to greatest. 

2)  How does the ear hear the differences in amplitude for a sound wave?


The Doppler Effect

Matching (10 points)

There are eight pictures below.  Each picture shows a helicopter creating a soundwave and the soundwave traveling from the helicopter to a person.  In some of the pictures, the person is on the right of the cliff while in other pictuers the person is at the bottom of the ravine.  In each picture, the two closest crests of the soundwave show the wavelength of sound that reached the person.  Match the pictures that show the same wavelength (shortest, longest, and middle wavelength).

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