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Virtual Field Trip Instruction

Description: You are to create a virtual field trip on the topic of your choice.  You will need to identify a grade level and CCRS standard in any content area that addresses this topic.  Once you have gathered this information, you will gather resources from the internet that would provide a virtual field trip experience for students.  It should be an interactive experience for the students.  You will present this information in a PowerPoint presentation using a provided format.

The goal of this assignment is to create a virtual field trip.  Virtual field trips allow teachers and students to visit locations all over the world without ever leaving their home or classroom.  By participating in these virtual field trips, students are able to deepen their understanding of topics, as well as provide experiences that some students may have never gotten to experience.  Make sure that you are creating an interactive, virtual experience for students. It shouldn’t simply be a PPT with information about a location.  Please review the rubric carefully to make sure your submission meets the requirements.

Grading/Rubric: Students will be awarded up to 30 points for the completion of their Virtual Field Trip. This assignment must be turned in using the provided templates.

Attached are some examples from previous students. They are meant to be a guide as to what is expected. You should not copy or duplicate them in any way. Also, please understand these are not “perfect” examples but should give you a better idea of the assignment.

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