Urgent – due in 90 mins

Urgent in 90 Mins

Select two of the approaches covered during this second four weeks and explain their underlying similarities and differences. 

Develop a focused argument of 250-300 words (centered on a unified thesis and supported by objective evidence from the Bertens textbook) that evaluates the two and explains which is the more valuable approach to use in literary analysis.

**I would strongly recommend that you complete your response on a Word document, save it on your computer, and copy and paste it into the text box provided below.**


Module/Week 5 — Reading for Engagement, New Historicism & Cultural Studies

 Module/Week 6 — Reading for Resistance, Postcolonialism

Module/Week 7 — Reading for Inclusion, Feminism & Gender Theory

Module/Week 8 — Reading for Charity, Course Reflections

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