Urgent 5 questions- answers needed

 Urgent 4 questions- answers needed urgent 1 hour

1-Samsung has decided to invest in the US (FDI). W hat are the costs and benefits to South Korea which is the home country?  

2- Nestlé S.A. , a Swiss based company wants to open a new location in Bangladesh, describe how it can be successful in this country through the process of acquisition of cultural intelligence. 

3- The GDP of Jamaica is $500 million, what is the government spending, if Investments are $100 million, $50 million for Consumption, exports at $75million and imports at $82million. 

4- Identify an elastic and inelastic good or service that you have recently purchased and explain why it is considered elastic or inelastic in terms of price and demand.

For the firm that provided the good or service you recently purchased, what does the elasticity of the good or service imply for some of its key decision-making activities, such as pricing, production, distribution, and global trade?

5- A common stereotype is that players from collectivist societies are more collaborative and trustworthy, and that those from individualist societies are more competitive and opportunistic. What do you think the relation between collectivism/individualism and opportunistic behavior is? How does the understanding of collectivism/individualism help managers? 

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