Two And Half Page Paper


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management information systems (MIS) and the importance of it. Compose a paper that discusses the key differences between data, information, information technology (IT), and information systems (IS). Your paper should address the components listed below.

Define what is meant by information.

Define what is meant by data.

Create two matrices (one for data and one for information) that illustrate the key differences between information and data, place the matrices into your paper, and briefly discuss the differences in one or two paragraphs. Each matrix should contain characteristics and/or facts  about the subjects (data and information) that show how they are different.

Define IT.

Define IS.

Using the five-component model as an example, discuss some differences between IT and IS. 

Using Microsoft Word create a matrix using this program. 

For an example of how to create a matrix using Microsoft Word, see the explanation by clicking the link below.

Microsoft. (n.d.). Create a matrix. Retrieved from

paper must be a minimum of two and a half pages in length (not counting the title and reference pages), and you must use at least two resources as references.