Tobacco truth documents | English homework help

Step 1: Review the brief tutorial video on searching the digital archive: (Links to an external site.)

Step 2: Go to the Industry Digital Library: (Links to an external site.)

Step 3: Select one “Truth” topic discussed in the lecture: HLTH246_TruthDocuments.pdfPreview the document. For example, you might select “Smoking and Health” as your topic.

Step 4: Using the GUIDED SEARCH feature, select two to four key words related to your “Truth” topic. For example, you might select “smoking” AND “health” AND “nicotine” and “cancer.”

Step 5: List at least FIVE documents that support your “Truth” topic. In the summary column (of this document herePreview the document), describe the contents of the document (use quotes if desired), name the author (of known) and explain how the document supports the selected “Truth” topic.

Step 6: Share a brief thought or reflection on the documents retrieved in your search. Did anything surprise you?

Upload your completed activities using this document herePreview the document (same document also linked above in Step 5). The last attachment (Organizing…)

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