To demonstrate flavor aversion learning (that is, learning to dislike


To demonstrate flavor aversion learning (that is, learning to dislike a flavor that is associated with becoming sick), researchers gave one group of laboratory rats an injection of lithium chloride immediately following consumption of saccharin-flavored water. Lithium chloride makes rats feel sick. A second control group was not made sick after drinking the flavored water. The next day, both groups were allowed to drink saccharin-flavored water. The amounts consumed (in milliliters) for both groups during this test are given below.


Amount   Consumed
  by Rats That Were
  Made Sick (n = 4)

Amount   Consumed
  by Control Rats
  (n = 4)













(a) Test whether or not consumption of saccharin-flavored water differed between groups using a 0.05 level of significance. State the value of the test statistic. (Round your answer to three decimal places.)

State the decision to retain or reject the null hypothesis.

Retain the null hypothesis. Reject the null hypothesis.    

(b) Compute effect size using eta-squared (η2). (Round your answer to two decimal places.)
η2 = 

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