The Project Control Plan


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This week, your course project is due for final submission. The deliverables for Week 5 are: The project control plan The project closeout plan

The project control plan:  Propose the reports and control mechanisms that the project manager  and the team will use to track the project. The plan should include the  details of performance measurement that defines which variables will be  measured, how they will be measured, and when they will be measured. The  measurable objectives should be identified as milestones on the Gantt  chart. You may use Microsoft Project to develop a baseline for your  project plan. Project evaluation and reporting will also explain how a project  manager will communicate performance evaluation results to management  and to the customer. This will include the results of performing the  cost and schedule variance analyses and a risk analysis, formulating  cost or schedule or performance alternatives, forecasting budget and  schedule completion, employing the methods of taking corrective actions,  and managing expectations.

The project closeout plan: The plan should propose the method of determining when the project  has met its objectives and the method of determining when the project  will be terminated. In the closeout plan, discuss the closing of the  project, reassigning personnel, and delivering materials purchased under  the contract. Include a summary of lessons learned in developing the project  management plan along with recommendations and follow-up work, as  needed. Submission Details: Submit your 8-10 page paper in a Microsoft Word document, using APA style. 100% original, no plagiarism. (I have also attached previous weeks assignments to aid you in this assignment) Please utilize previous assignments to assist with this 8-10 page paper.