The other memoir book talk

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This book talk (3min) is an opportunity for you to share how your chosen memoir has impacted your views on identities, privilege, oppression and how storytelling connects to dialogue. You’ll be prompted to talk about:

  • What did this author’s story teach you about one or more of these issues/topics (identities, privilege, oppression and how storytelling connects to dialogue)? Make sure to touch on each topic listed there.
  • What will you be taking with you from the experience of reading a memoir about someone different from you for this course on dialogue? What was it like to read this particular memoir during this class? During COVID, your current year in school, all you’re navigating, etc.

This is a synchronous assignment to be done in class on Wed. 3/17. Please do practice ahead of time to answer these questions within the timeframe so we can get to all books/folks!

Book Name: Bird of Paradise: How I became Latina.