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Read the attached article and answer the following questions in your own words!  Do NOT just cut and paste from the article.

1.  The research describes several ways that researchers have tried to modify the still face experiment in the past.  Describe one way the study has been modified in the past and the result.

2.  What is one hypothesis of this research study?

3.  Name two characteristics of the participant group for this study.

4.  How did the researchers modify the original still face experiment for this study?  Do you think that this behavior would be easier or harder for the infants than the original way the study was done, as we saw in the video in class (  Why do you think so?

5.  Why do you think the researchers would want a measure of the infant’s temperament for this study?

6.  What was one finding that was associated with greater device use or more habitual device use?

7.  What was one finding that was associated with the infant’s temperament?

8.  What is one reason that the reunion phase of the procedure is so important?

9.  What is one limitation of this study?

10.  After reading this article, what would you tell a parent about their cell phone use around an infant?  (Something more than “don’t use your cell phone around your infant”!)