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Your assignment is to submit at least two complete articles, each as a pdf, and a Reference page with (a) an APA-formatted reference for the article that I assigned to you, (b) an APA-formatted reference for the new SCHOLARLY articles you have found that support, contest, or extend the topic addressed in the article I had assigned to you, and (c) an APA-formatted reference for a url you have identified that supports, contests, or extends the topic addressed in the article I had assigned to you. If you choose not to use an internet resource, you may substitute a fourth article from a reliable source that you will use also for your paper.

Please review the attachment to this assignment giving some examples of details for APA-formatting of references. If there are more than 3, unique, APA-style errors in your Reference page, I will stop editing, assign a grade of zero and send the references back to you for revisions. While the zero grade can be reversed for most, if not all of the points when all revisions are made, and the document is submitted by the re-submission due date, having your assignment returned for excessive errors can permanently reduce the grade on the assignment and delay the feedback you receive