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This is the final week of the course. In this week’s lessons, you learned about culture and change. These, along with the other weekly concepts, are topics that we face frequently throughout our career. Your final project is to create a “TedTalk” formatted presentation based on any of the concepts learned this term.  

Your work should include the following:

·  Create a 10-minute minimum presentation that follows a TedTalk format.

·  Your presentation should consist of an introduction to the topic that engages the audience.

This week we wrap up the course with discussion pertaining to culture and change. This is one of my favorite topics to discuss as it can be very controversial and really gets everyone talking in the forums. When some hear the word culture, they think of nationality and diversity. However, when we discuss culture this week, we are discussing it based on corporate culture and why it is important to pick employees for your organization that truly fit the mold of the organization. Personality, values, and perception all play a role in this. Culture is often developed with the mission and vision of the organization in mind. Though culture may change, it often stays true to the vision and mission of the organization overall. Think about the current culture of your organization. Do you feel that those hired are often a good fit creating minimal turnover? Is there improvement that could be valuable for a positive change to the organization? How do you handle change? As an organization grows, it’s culture and how it values the employees is vital to its success.

·  All presentations must be recorded. You may use a cell phone, laptop, or video camera to record your presentation. 

·  You may consider a backdrop that engages the audience.

·  Professionalism and creativity should be used.

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