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 Discussion Questions
1) In the byte titled “Strategy as a ‘Little Black Dress'” by Jeanne Liedtka the author emphasizes the importance of keeping strategy simple and attractive (but still functional), and making sure that the plan focuses primarily on the essentials. When you think of what a strategic plan for your organization should look like, what are the three or four factors that relate to your organization that you think the plan absolutely cannot ignore? HINT: To make this much easier on yourself, think of factors that directly influence your ability to seize and/or maintain a competitive advantage. (For more on what competitive advantages are, please read the following: Competitive Advantage.pdf). One you’ve identified these essentials be sure to justify your response.

2) In the byte titled “The CEO as Strategist” by Michael Porter the author asserts that strategy ‘is about being different’. What are some of the ways in which the strategy that you’re going to develop for your organization will distinguish your organization from its competitors? Be specific and detailed in your response.

3) Remember to post a response to another students posting. This needs be done by midnight on Sunday. Read through the grading rubric located in the syllabus to see exactly what’s expected from you in the response post.