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 scenario:  firms hire Spider to do an overall analysis of their network needs included the detailed cost benefit summary.  Recently a client complained that the new system was too slow and lacked sufficient capacity. Top management realized the company simply outgrew the network much earlier than anticipated.  How would you respond as the CTO. 

you are assuming the role of the chief technology officer (CTO) of Spider IT Services and writing a response memorandum (memo) to the CEO of the company referenced as the client in the case. 


For the purpose of your response, assume that your company, Spider IT Services, installed a traditional ring network over 10 years ago at this client site. You have learned that this client is a durable medical supply company now complaining about network performance. They have an internal network at their home office that supports 30 end users and 20 devices and are interested in expanding to include a wireless network for approximately 100 additional end users such as guests and sales persons coming in-and-out of their home office.

In your memo,

  • Explain the concept of network topography and how it relates to end user performance in terminology appropriate for a senior executive.
  • Describe the limitations of the ring network that was put in place by Spider IT Services over 10 years ago for this client.
  • Propose a star network design including its components and functionality.
  • Contrast the anticipated benefits of the star network and the ring network topography.
  • Verify the clients request for working with Spider IT Services to install a wireless network expansion.
  • Describe the IT standard that you recommend in designing the wireless network expansion.

The Network Design Case Study Memorandum

  • Must be one to two double-spaced pages in length.

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