Strategic it: best practices for executives | COMP 610 STRATEGIC IT


Read the Case Study: (this case study is located in the EBSCO Host of the University of the Potomac Library) K. M. Eisenhardt, and L. J. Bourgeois, ”Politics of Strategic Decision Making in High-Velocity Environments: Toward a Midrange Theory,” Academy of Management Journal 31
(1988): 737–770.

Answer this question: How do politics affect the strategic decision processes of top executives in the high-velocity microcomputer industry?

Writing Requirements

       3-4pages in length  (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)

  • At least two peer-reviewed sources that are properly cited and referenced
  • APA format, Use the APA template located in the Student Resource Center to complete the assignment.
  • Please use the Case Study Guide as a reference point for writing your case study.

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