Status report | Computer Science homework help


Within this document you will find three primary categories of information. Complete each section as follows:

  • Project Work Stream Status Overview: This is a brief overview of the overall status of the RFP response creation, along with the overall status color being:
  • Green (all is good)
  • Yellow (obstacles are in the way, but delivery time has not been affected yet)
  • Red (delivery is going to be delayed, and action is needed immediately).
  • Top Issues, Obstacles & Risks – Treat this as if you are communicating with your employer. Any problems, questions or concerns about the RFP project should be placed in this section. The instructor will be responding to these each week with your graded assignments.
  • Key Activities / Accomplishment: Again, treat this as if you are communicating with your employer, but in this case, add the key activities and accomplishments for this week’s RFP response.

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