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  This assignment must include a title page, running header, page numbers, abstract, and works cited.  Follow APA 6th Edition and use 12 pt font with Times New Roman.  Each question must be answered in no less than 1 page not including the title page, abstract, and works cited pages.  Be sure to answer both questions and include everything in ONE (1) document.  Assignment needs one (1) title page and one (1) works cited.   

Question 1:  There are 3 primary avenues in which facilities are financed:  bonds, taxes, and corporate investment.  Explain each and give examples of projects that are not in the book of each type.  Select a stadium built any time since 1995 and discuss which method was used to finance the stadium.

Question 2: Chapter 13 –  Create an idea for an event and develop the 6 functions of event management related to your event.  Include a description of how to carry out each function for your particular event.

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