Should The Rules For Girls And Boys Sports Be The Same


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Approximately 2/3 of the paper should deal with organizational structure, governance, and policy issues. The remaining 1/3 will discuss and assess how the issue, situation, or controversy was or could be handled.

Guidelines for the Sport Governance Paper:

Sport Governance – Organizational Policy Analysis – 200 points (7 – 10 pp. in length, plus title and reference pages)

For this assignment, choose a sport governing body to analyze. This project has two components – a paper and a presentation.

Paper – Part 1. Give a brief description of the sport governing body you chose by providing the information requested below.

Paper Topic – A list of 2 potential topics (5 points)

Organization facts – one page (10 points)

 Name of organization

Mission statement – find existing (or create your own – limit 50 words)

Location of headquarters

Membership – types of people/organizations?

Scope of authority – local, state, national, international?

Organization type – Regulatory/Service? Why?

Rules/Policy making unit – annual general assembly, owners council, commissioner, executive committee? (Where does power lie?)

Major sources of income/revenue streams

Paper – Part 2. Organizational policy issue

Major issue facing your specific organization, 

You will choose a policy topic of interest to you, relevant to the specific organization you chose to analyze. You may even simply discuss an actual issue that the organization has faced in the past. Each of you will submit the same paper, but may work on different aspects of the project.

Paper Outline – An outline of your paper, along with a minimum of 3 references in APA style, (10 points)

Paper (150 points) Your paper  must be 7-10 double-spaced pages, plus a title and reference page. The paper must have a minimum of 7 pages and a maximum of 10 pages of text, followed by reference pages. Each paper must contain a minimum of 8 references in APA format, properly cited both in the text and on the Reference Page. Please use a cover page as well. Papers with no references in the text or with no Reference Page receive an automatic ZERO. Your paper is due the day of your presentation.