Short journal writing about a photograph

{a short journal about a photograph}

1.Original reporting:Learn about the who, what, where, when, and why (the W’s) related to the one photograph you selected for the assignment. 

2.Cutline: Write a cutline that includes original reported details you gather as a journalist. These details cover all the W’s relevant to the story. They should be verified and accurate.

  • Make the cutline three, four, or five sentences.
  • Use the Associated Press Stylebook to ensure the correct grammar, punctuation, and word usage.
  • Use the readings to help figure out ways to identify good sources for your cutline material.
  • Do original reporting. Do not include the reporting done by other news or communication outlets, such as audio transcripts of someone else’s interview.
  • Tell a story that complements the photograph.
  • Write in third person.
  • Remove bias and opinion unless it is attributed to someone via their quote. This is a news items instead of opinion, a column, or persuasion.
  • Include named (first and last name) sources. Do not use unnamed or first named sources.
  • Add your name (first and last) at the end.

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