Sh.3.1 discussion: potential policy-oriented advocacy project topic

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 Please read the attachments before completing this assignment 

For (Section A of the Advocacy Project), Please look at Section A of the attachment called Assignment Sheet leadership Advance Assignment

3.1 Discussion: Potential Policy-Oriented Advocacy Project Topic

Post an idea (or two) you have for your advocacy project. Identify if your advocacy is for a state or a federal level outcome. If you can, format this as a draft advocacy statement (Section A of Advocacy project): 3 – 5 sentences summarizing the change for which you are advocating with a clear DAO (Desired Advocacy Outcome). Responses should be directed at given feedback on how clearly and concisely the DAO/advocacy statement is. I will provide feedback on the scope. 

For this discussion, you will have to post before you can read the posts of others. Remember to locate the rubric to this activity in My Grades before submitting your initial posts and comments. 

Your initial post is due by end of day (11:59 pm CST) Thursday and your comments are due by end of day (11:59 pm CST) Sunday of this week in Module 3.