Service-level agreement | Information Systems homework help


-3-6 page

Service-Level Agreement (SLA) that you believe is best to serve the nation teams’ security protections. If you research sample SLAs, provide citations.


  • an agreement not to engage in testing DDoS without notifying the Internet service provider (ISP)
  • metrics for availability
  • bandwidth requirements
  • monitoring from the ISP’s network
  • traffic reports to be received and access to ISP information on net defense and best practices
  • testing nations’ teams configurations by ISP
  • other components needed to fulfill your nation team’s requirements

Perform an evaluation of the SLA that you created, and in a checklist format, report on the performance of the ISP during the DDoS attack. Conduct independent research if a checklist example is needed. If you model your checklist after an existing resource, cite and reference using APA format. Estimate costs of services or any compensation owed to the nation team. Include written justification to the ISP for the downtime due to DDoS. This evaluation is included in the three- to five-page requirement.

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