Self reflective report | Information Systems homework help

Written Report – (2000-2500 words)

Any references used within the multimedia project should be constructed following the Harvard referencing style. Please see the Harvard Quick Guide pdf in the Resources Folder in Canvas for further details on formatting expectations for Harvard.

Four topics are given on which you need to self reflect. Discuss how the concepts covered in the discussions can be applied to your goal of becoming an effective IS/IT manager. For example, how can understanding the concepts of managing emerging technology improve your effectiveness as an IS/IT manager.

They must be fresh content which illustrates your refined understanding and reflection of the concepts and linking to visual roadmap. The reflections should support/complement your visual roadmap. You need to create a visual road map from the report of the skills learned from the 3 topics given that helped you to become a good IS manager. and need to put the road map in Appendix section 

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