Rhetorical analysis “vintage ads” (extended draft outline)

Use this template and follow the format provided to create your extended draft outline.

You’ll need to identify and describe the ad, draft a thesis, identify the use of rhetorical appeals, and draft a conclusion. 

At the end of your extended draft outline, copy and paste the URL or website address for your ad (it will begin with http://http://pzrservices.typepad.com/vintageadvertising/2010/11/vinatge-ad-campbells-soup-1947.html ) so that your readers can also view the ad.

Successful assignments will:

  1. identify an advertisement,  vintage, that’s appropriate for a college-level audience;
  2. include a draft of the introduction and conclusion (minimum of one paragraph each);
  3. include a tentative thesis statement at the end of the introduction;
  4. include details to establish the visual description and context of the ad;
  5. identify the various ways rhetorical appeals are used; and
  6. be typed and submitted as a Microsoft Word 2010 document (.docx) using 12-point font. 

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