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Establishing a franchise of Multicultural restaurants

1. At a glance Summary about Multicultural Restaurants

2. Table of Contents

3. Introduction and description about Multicultural Restuarents.

4. Uses and cons of Multicultural Restuarants.

5. Reason for overseas expansion.

6. Process of Expanding Overseas

  •     Responsible for the food quality
  •      Deal with the frachise companies and tarding with them accordingly.
  •      Reason for the Multicultural Receips
  •      Atmosphere inside the restaurants.
  •      Exports and Imports.
  •      Cost Analysis
  •      Kind of Theme restaurant.
  •      Taking Surveys from the customers

7. Conclusion

This paper talks about the entire theme of the multicultural restaurants, Employee behavious, Quality of the food and different receips and Maintanance of equipments used in the restaurant. 

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