Realistic approach essay | Nursing homework help

 Please make sure to watch the video as well as rubric.

  1. Prepare a 500-800 word essay using correct grammar and spelling.
  2. Include a specific personal example that ties together the resource materials provided (#1, 2 and 3 above), while showing you understand the content and can apply to a real personal example situation.
  3. When answering the following questions, provide a personal example from your life, work, family or friends that ties the videos and HAES principles information to a real-life example that answers the questions below.
  4. All questions (a – d) need to be fully answered. Do not just provide me a summary of the videos:
    1. Why is there no reason for a cheat meal or day?
    2. What is meant by the statement, there are no good foods or bad foods?
    3. When people disclose they are craving a food or they emotionally eat, what would be a practical tip or suggestion that might help them address the challenge?
    4. What benefits could our society gain by adopting a Health at Every Size approach?

After preparing the essay, “Save as” a Word document (.docx) and attach to the Essay link above. See Grading Information for Grading Rubric and how to maximize points earned. 

Here is the link 

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