Reading response to the film umm kulthum – a voice like egypt

Go to the online journal Image and Narrative and read “Identity and Exoticism in Yo’l Bo’lsin (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Respond to the following prompts regarding the reading, the film Umm Kulthum – A Voice like Egypt.

1. Compare the sonic material of the international release by Nazarkhan (Yo’l Bo’lsin) to that of her domestic release (Otmagay Tong), as heard in class.

2. Compare the publicity material and public image of Nazarkhan within Uzbekistan vs. her image and marketing abroad.

3. Compare the sounds of Umm Kulthum’s “Enta Omri” to Nazarkhan’s released “Mogulchai Navo.” Use terms from class to describe timbre, rhythm, tempo, melodic contour and range. (Both tracks are available on the unit 3 streaming in the Listening Module.)

4. Discuss the importance of the lyrics and their understandability for Umm Kulthum and how that is different from Sevara Nazarkhan’s international release.

5. Both Nazarkhan and Kulthum present vision of their nation and their role as women performing nationalism. How does that look and sound differently for each woman/nation? Why do you think that is?

Answer each question no less than 250words per question.

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