Project management time and cost exercises

The assignment is to complete a Project Time and Cost Exercises.


Resource: Project Management, Ch. 5 I will attach

Complete Exercises 1-3 in Ch. 5 of Project Management.

Submit your answers in a Microsoft® Word APA formatted document.



  1. Calculate the direct cost of labor for a project team member using the following data:

Hourly rate: $40/hr

Hours needed: 80

Overhead rate: 40%

  1. Mrs. Tolstoy and her husband, Serge, are planning their dream house. The lot for the house sits high on a hill with a beautiful view of the Appalachian Mountains. The plans show the size of the house to be 2,900 square feet. The average price for a lot and house similar to this one has been $120 per square foot. Fortunately, Serge is a retired plumber and feels he can save money by installing the plumbing himself. Mrs. Tolstoy feels she can take care of the interior decorating.

The following average cost information is available from a local bank that makes loans to local contractors and disperses progress payments to contractors when specific tasks are verified as complete.


Excavation and framing complete


Roof and fireplace complete


Wiring roughed in


Plumbing roughed in


Siding on


Windows, insulation, walks, plaster, and garage complete


Furnace installed


Plumbing fixtures installed


Exterior paint, light fixtures installed, finish hardware installed


Carpet and trim installed


Interior decorating


Floors laid and finished

    1. What is the estimated cost for the Tolstoy’s house if they use contractors to complete all of the house?
    2. Estimate what the cost of the house would be if the Tolstoys use their talents to do some of the work themselves.
  1. Below is a project WBS with cost apportioned by percents. If the total project cost is estimated to be $600,000, what are the estimated costs for the following deliverables?
    1. Design?
    2. Programming?
    3. In-house testing?

What weaknesses are inherent in this estimating approach?


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