Project Management Questions 19534395


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 DQ1: What is monitoring in project management?
What are some of the characteristics that should be considered in a monitoring system? Is consistent reporting necessary within an organization? Why or why not?

DQ2: Since project managers often rely on people who do not report directly to them to perform some of the project work, they need to use various strategies, tactics or forms of power to influence and encourage people to perform.
List and describe at least four (4) of the many types of power mentioned in our book, and tell when (according to the textbook) each should be used.
Have you have ever successfully (effectively) used any of the powers you described?
If so when and why were they effective?

DQ3: What is project auditing?
What is the purpose of project auditing?
What topics are contained in a project Audit?
When is the best time to administer a project audit?

Required text: