Project assignment | Master of Arts in Human Resource Management

Research paper, project assignment.

This research and project consist of building an investment portfolio.

Follow this structure to help build your project:

1. Executive Summary

2. Investment Prerequisites

a. Description of Investor Profile

b. Description of Investment objectives

i. Income: For investors seeking regular income with low to

moderate risk to principal.

ii. Aggressive Income: For investors seeking higher returns either

as growth or as income with greater risk to principal.

iii. Capital Appreciation: investors seeking capital appreciation with

moderate to high risk to principal.

iv. Speculation: investors seeking high profits or quick returns with

considerable possibilityof losing most or all of their investment.

c. Desciption of Risk Tolerance:

i. Conservative.

ii. Moderate.

iii. Aggressive:

d. Description of Financial Need:


3. Proposed Portfolio

4. Description of the investment portfolio

5. Summary

6. References

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