Powerpoint Intro To Business


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Pick an article from the Savannah Morning News, Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Journal-Constitution or any other business publication ( such as INC. or Fast Company).  THE ARTICLE MUST BE RELATED TO THE FIELD OF MANAGEMENT.  The paper and presentation should not focus on a specific technology or gaming system.

REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PAPER: A typed paper in Word, single spaced, grammatically correct, which will include: Title page A summary of the article 2+ pages long.  (You cannot use sentences verbatim out of the article.  The summary must be in your own words ABOUT the article). How is the article related to the field of MANAGEMENT? Why you selected the article. Your reaction to the article.



The presentation will include the following: A summary of the article. How the article relates to the field of MANAGEMENT. Why you selected the article. Your reaction to the article.

The presentation: The presentation will be done on PowerPoint and contain at least 10 slides which includes an introduction and conclusion slide.