Powerpoint, diabetes in highbridge community

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I have drafted a powerpoint presentation. I need 4 slides added that address the gaps in healthcare as it pertains to diabetes in low income women in the Highbridge/Concourse community and propose culturally competent evidence-based interventions from 2 additional professional literature. Also the existing powerpoint is edited, content reduced to look good but covering the following criteria:

Described population group then described the population’s health problem providing data to support.

Describe the gaps in healthcare How does this project fulfill one arm of the mission of public health: social justice? How does it contribute to social change?

Described results of comprehensible community assessment showing collaboration with health care team members and or individuals/groups that represent the problem. Developed possible evidence-based culturally competent interventions/programs aimed at primary prevention at the community and system level of care specific to community.

Chose a possible way to evaluate outcomes of project

Described role as a health care leader in community Discuss your role as an advocate and health care leader in promoting positive social change as a scholar-practitioner to improve the health of vulnerable populations in your community