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 As part of your individual grade, each student will submit a brief case analysis/evaluation of the presenting team’s case on the day the particular team presents. In essence, each week you will study a case and provide a written overview of a case. Your target for this individual assignment is a three-page, double-spaced document. The following is a guide for your brief, individual case analysis: Issue/Problem Identification • What are the central facts of the case • What are the major overriding issues in this case 5 • What sub-issues or related issues are present in the case that merit consideration, discussion, or action Stakeholder Analysis and Management Evaluation • Who are the stakeholders in this case and what are their stakes • Evaluate the central management decisions and their effectiveness Recommendations and Implementation • What management recommendations would you make in this case • Provide alternatives – now, short-term, long-term • Identify and discuss any important implementation considerations