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Assignment Instructions

Begin by reading the current module objectives listed in the course schedule (see the syllabus).

  1. Identify the difference between a principle and a law, a model and a theory.
  2. Identify and differentiate between the fundamental units of length (L), mass (M), and time (T).
  3. Convert SI measured values between various magnitudes using the prefix system.
  4. Convert SI measured values to traditional unit systems.
  5. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide numerical quantities in scientific notation.
  6. Truncate results of calculation using the rules of significant figures.
  7. Calculate the percent uncertainty of a measurement.
  8. Make reasonable approximations based on given data.
  9. Name the steps in the physics problem solving method.
  10. Apply the Cornell note taking system to the study of physics.

As you study the material use active reading strategies and take notes using the Cronell Note taking system. Your Cornell notes should reflect all course objectives as well as the active reading strategies that you employed.

  • Active Reading Strategies are reviewed in this VIDEO.
  • You can review the instructions for Cornell notes method in this Video.

The assignment may be completed  in only Microsoft word or a scanned pdf version of your hand written work. Templates for both documents are provided.

Q: How long do the Cornell Notes have to be?

A: Your Cornell Notes should cover all of the module objectives (see the schedule in the syllabus) as well as any additional information that allows you to organize the material in your own mind.

Cornell Notes – MS Word template

*NO Plagiarizing* All information needed is in PDF

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