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Write 15-page APA paper on the proper steps (rewrite in APA format do not copy from the checklist) of the first 7 procedures (Eye ointment, eye drops, nasal, ear, med administration, sublingual and buccal ect), on all 7 procedures for patient education of what you would teach as a nurse,  Discuss 3 drugs to use for all the proper procedures on the competency checklist for the first 7 competency checklist that are listed such as eye ointment and eye drops, ear drops, nasal drops and nasal sprays, medications that you would give sublingual and buccal. The 3 drug categories for each section of the Competency Checklist should be in detailed. For example, you would discuss the 3 eye drops and 3 ointments on the purpose of the drug, the route, the side effects/adverse reactions, special considerations, and nursing interventions. The details need to be in APA format 

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