Peer response 1 | GEN 103 Information Literacy | Ashford University

  • Your responses to your classmates must be substantive. Share ideas, explore differences, and think critically about your classmates’ posts. Bring in information from your textbook, classroom resources or other credible sources that you find to contribute to the discussion. You are invited to share relevant audio, video, or images in your responses. You must cite and reference any sources you use, even in your responses to your classmates.


 Information literacy is a collection of skills that requires people to recognize when data is required and effectively find, analyze, and use that information. Information literacy is an essential life skill we all acquire. It involves evaluating the credibility of the sources if there is more reading or information to seek, asking who the author is, and other such information.


Information literacy is described as the ability to recognize a need for information and locate, analyze, and use that knowledge morally and responsibly for a specific purpose. Knowledge literacy, on the other hand, is essential in every area of life. Being knowledge literate will assist you in conducting analysis, identifying appropriate sources for determining and comparing goods objectively to discover the excellent value, and problem-solving creatively (Thompson, 2007).


  1. 1. Research as inquiry: Asking questions is at the heart of the research process. Solid research queries are fluid, changing in response to the findings of the research background. The value of the theoretical framework should improve as our knowledge of the research subject develops.
  2. Scholarship as conversation: Experts in a field collaborate to exchange knowledge, discuss concepts, and better understand the subject matter. They often debate each other’s ideas and seek other researchers’ perspectives in their fields to put their theories to the test.
  3. Information creation as a process: Because of the intent of its layout, information is displayed in a variety of formats. It will be easier to choose suitable sources if you consider the method of information type development (Thompson, 2007).

Need for information literacy for college student

Information literacy helps me keep up with the ever-changing information landscape. It will help me verify and vet the correct data to look for or the most suitable sources to use. The skills I have obtained are essential in determining when I need information, analyze it, evaluate, and have courage in my ability to use the information creatively, effectively, and ethically. The skills will help me in seeking out opportunities to learn new things (Lloyd & Williamson, 2008).

Application to personal or professional life

Information literacy and concepts can produce “employees who can recognize and understand the central place. It helps in the integration and uses a variety of information from diverse print and digital sources. I will use the skills in the analysis of the information about the subjects within the domain.

Information literacy components

Critical thinking. The concept is necessary for coming up with innovative ideas in the workplace. The analysis is vital in the processing of the information at hand. Evaluation involves critical analysis of the situations. Problem Solving skills are necessary for finding solutions to complex and straightforward problems (Lloyd & Williamson, 2008).

From the exam, all the recommendation have been adequately addressed. I will apply most of the skills with entirely in my personal life. The creative thinking skills will aid in the understanding and solving of complex problems (Thompson, 2007).


Lloyd, A., & Williamson, K. (2008). Towards an understanding of information literacy in context: Implications for research. Journal of Librarianship and information Science40(1), 3-12.

Thompson, K. M. (2007). Furthering understanding of information literacy through the social study of information poverty. The Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science31(1), 87-115.

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