Peer 3 | ART 101 Art Appreciation | Ashford University

  review the comments that your classmates made about the Bruegel work, and identify similarities and differences between the elements that they found noteworthy and those that you did. 


My name is Janelle Washington and I am thrilled to begin this course. I live in Southern California with my fiancé and our (thinks he’s human) Poodle. We are in the process of moving back to Arizona next week, so before the course ends we will have a new place to call home. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends trying new recipes and local restaurants. With the effects of the pandemic, I found myself trying DIY recipes at home more so than going out anymore. But I am eager to begin to explore again. My career and experience dives deep into financial institutions where I can combined my financial literacy with my passion for marketing. I enjoy going out and meeting prospective clients and creating advertisements and branch campaigns for products and services. My creativity and interest lead me to join (what was) Ashford University and I am proud to say I am enjoying my major in Public Relations and Marketing. As I continue to complete my degree, I continue to grow both professionally, personally, and educationally.

          I have always enjoy school and learning experiences. I truly believe that there is one teacher within your educational journey that has the largest impact on you. For me, that was my art teacher in High School; someone I am lucky to still have contact with today. He exposed me to my creative side and made me change my perception of art. I learned that art is not always one sided, it tells a story and is often a great way to express emotions and intended messages. As a visual learning, I enjoy interpreting art and studying the variation of techniques and genres. I’ve had my fair share of oil paintings in the past. I have found that oil painting was quite enjoyable and learning how to blend and take criticism taught me patience and a true understanding for art. The most recent art museum I visited was the National Geographic Art Display in Las Vegas, NV. I highly recommend viewing these captivating images of nature. You can find the location inside of Caesar’s Palace!

         My initial reaction to the Bruegel’s The Fall of the Rebel Angels image was that there was quite a lot going on. That made me uncomfortable because I generally understand art in a sense. But this painting challenged me to continue to look deeper into the image. I began to skim over the image and noticed something new every time I glanced at it. I think there is some true talent reflecting in the color of color, light, and shadows. It makes the elements realistic even though they appear to be a little out of the ordinary from real life. I am hoping this course can give me the necessary tools and knowledge needed to better understand paintings like this and truly appreciate the message and techniques used. 

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