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Provide the following requirements and deliverables for the WideCast Internet & Cable Provider application   

1. Create the list of features at level 1, level 2, and level 3.

2. Create the Feature Tree diagram for the list of all features you identified above.

3. Create the list of user classes

4. Create the Ecosystem Map diagram


Project Overview Statement:

You have been asked by the senior management of WideCast Internet & Cable Provider to model and create a document that has the artifacts for a new project that the company is pursuing in order to improve customer satisfaction with the products and services it will offer through an online application to its existing and new customers.

Assume as a result of a number of interviews, questionnaires, document reviews, and meetings with potential customers/users, engineers, senior management, product management members, you have managed to gather and document the following high-level description for the intended online product application.


WideCast Cable & Internet Provider


High-Level Description:

The following is high-level description for the planned online application for WideCast Cable& Internet provider:

· The intent is to build an online/web-based application that will be used to enroll a customer in a plan or order services/PPV event and add/update products and services offered. Following is the list of services and products the company offers:

1. Mobile Movie Streaming

1. Premium – 100 movies a month

2. Ultimate – 500 movies a month

2. High Definition Box (A box is needed for any TV plan)

1. Basic High Definition

2. Ultra High Definition

3. TV plan

1. Basic – 50 channels

2. BasicPlus – 100 channels

3. Ultimate – 200 channels


4. Data Plan

1. WiFi

1. SpeedLane – 20/5 Mbps speed

2. LightLane – 50/10 MBPS speed

2. Mobile Hostspot

1. Silver Pass – 10 GB/month

2. Gold Pass – 50GB/month

5. Video Gaming

1. Online Game Rental

1. Day Rental plan (Game is active in your library for one day and you could play it multiple times)

2. Weekly Rental plan ($20 activation fee and every rented Game is active in your library for one week and you could play it multiple times)

3. Yearly Rental plan (($150 activation fee and ever game you rent will stay active in your library for one year and you could play it multiple times)

2. Console Rental

1. Weekly Rental plan

2. Monthly Rental plan

3. Yearly Rental plan

6. PPV

1. Live Sports Events (fixed date/time)

2. PPV Movies (Any date/time)

7. Contracts and Deals

1. For 2 years contract on TV plans, the customer receives one free PPV movie every week

2. For 2 years contract on Data plans, the customer receives one free Live PPV Sports event every year

3. For 2 years contract on Video Gaming plans, the customer receives one free Video Game every month

· WideCast has four different roles/logins/webpages :

1. Managers

2. Account Specialists (Customer Support)

3. Technical Support Specialists (Technician)


4. Customers

· A manager can

1. Add/update/delete any products/services offered

2. cancel/update/delete any type of order

· Account Specialist can

1. Create an account for a new customer

2. Update customer account

3. Create an incident ticket and assign it to a Technician

4. Place an order of a PPV event

· Customer that has an existing account can do the following online:

1. Update Personal Account Information (credit card, personal info, etc.)

2. Pay Monthly Bill

3. Create/Change/Cancel an order for any of the products/services offered by WideCast

· Technical Support Specialist can

1. Schedule incident ticket

2. Close incident ticket

3. Cancel incident ticket

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