Operations managment | Operations Management homework help

 Starbucks has developed a new coffee which uses some standard and some new ingredients.  It believes this coffee could become wildly popular with its younger customers but wantsto test market it in a few stores in key locations around the country to assess customer reaction.  You are the manager of a Starbucks store that has been selected for this test marketing.a.You have full responsibility for the success of the test market at your store.  

Write a memo outlining the preparations that you will have to make at your store before the start of the test marketing.  Your memo should focus on at least four of the following issues: staffing, training, equipment, supplies, store layout, quality, customer service, etc. (750 words)

b.Describe any interactions you would have with managers at Starbucks Finance, Marketing, and HR as you get ready for the start of the test-marketing in your store.  For what issues would you need their help and support?  (250 words). 

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