Need Tomorrow 630pm Est Week 3 Discussion Individual Leadership Strengths


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***********Please Read Instructions **********

OBJECTIVES: Determine personal leadership traits that build trust.  Discover personal leadership traits that can be improved to overcome challenges.  Understand the importance of leading by example for a leader.  INSTRUCTIONS: 

The goal of this assignment is to take the (e3) assessment and identify your strengths that help you lead. The (e3) is a behavioral assessment tool that has been used at Full Sail for nearly ten years. The assessment is based on decades of established research, and is a biodata instrument that measures behavior, not personality. As you grow over time, your results could change. The assessment can help you focus on strengths and growth opportunities, and encourage self-reflection. All of these are important to understand as you embark on leadership development. 

First Post – due Wednesday by 11:59pm EST

1. You will be using the results from the (e3) assessment you took in the Preparation activities. Include a screen shot of your Percentile Rank Line Chart.

2. Watch an Overview of the (e3) with Rick Breden:

3. Based on your (e3) results, list two of your strengths that help you build trust and lead by example (based on Chapter 6 Trust Rules and Chapter 8 You Either Lead by Example or You Don’t Lead at All) from our text.  You can find this information in your line chart, manager’s report, and also in the benchmark chart. Describe at least one situation where you used these strengths in building trust and leading by example. Make sure to use the textbook concepts your response. Include at least 100-150 words per response.

4. Describe one developmental area from your Manager’s Report that you would like to focus on to improve your skills in overcoming challenges (based on Chapter 7 from our text, Challenge is the Crucible for Greatness). Why did you choose this skill? What actions are you going to implement to focus on this area? Make sure to use the textbook concepts your response. Include at least 100-150 words per response.

5. Based on a movie, television show, or book, identify two key e3 strengths that are evident for one character. What observations/actions/words support this?

Include the media title and characters you are analyzing. Make sure to use your Manager’s Report and the definitions of the e3 strengths in your response. Definitions are in an attachment below. Include at least 100-150 words per response.

6. Include your line chart or a link to your results. 

7. Make sure you are connecting your thoughts to outside research in order to earn all possible points. These sources are outside of the course materials provided. Include basic source information (link for website; author, title, date for non-website). However, you are not required to use APA formatting in the discussion board posts.