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Students will read Case: Sun Microsystems (HBR) and will create a 10 minute presentation video response with their Pitchbook Presentation group.
The Case Study method is somewhat subjective and open to interpretation. Here are a few questions you should consider:
Is Sun Microsystems a good strategic fit for Oracle? What approaches would you use to place a value on Sun Microsystems? Assuming a discounted cash flow valuation:
a. What rate of return should Oracle require on the acquisition?
b. What base-case cash flows do you forecast?
c. What is your estimate of terminal value?
d. What is the enterprise value of Sun Microsystems? What is the
equity value? Conduct a multiples analysis to value Sun. What economic fundamentals
are reflected in the multiples? Identify the synergies and conduct a sensitivity analysis to estimate the
effect of synergies on enterprise value. If a competing bidder appears, how high a price should Oracle be willing to