Need Paper 4 Pages 8 References Apa 5 Edition


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Need 4 pages paper on the below:

Choose:  Retail  Clothing Company ex: GAP Inc.

and write the paper based on the aspects lists below all the heading should be covered.

In continuation of the translation plan, started in week two about one organization to open any location in any international facility.

Here is the outline for my CLA 2.

Identifying human resources for global business activities Staffing   Training & Development  Performance Appraisal   Compensation 

Managing international financial and business risks  Economic and Financial Risks  Social and Cultural Risks  Political and Legal Risks  Action Plan 

Product and Target market Planning Product Concept  Product Life Cycle  Branding And Packaging  Target Market    

Designing a Global Distribution Strategy  Infrastructure Analysis  Distribution Barriers  International Intermediaries  Distribution Channel    

Planning a Global Promotion Strategy Promotional Goals  Business Environment  Media Plan  Promotional Strategy 

Selecting an International Pricing Strategy The Economic Environment  Cost Analysis  Demand Analysis  Competitor Analysis 

Determining Organizational FInancial Results Revenue Sources  Operating Costs  Start-Up Costs  Profitability 

Measuring International Business Success Financial Gains  Economic Benefits   Social Benefits  Social Costs