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1/In experiment #9, we tilt rated sample of KHP with a solution of NaOh. What was the purpose of these tiltration?
2/ you are preparing to perform the tiltrations for experiment#9. Briefly explain why you need to condition the burets? 

3/ While performing an experiment, you tiltrated a sample of KHP with NaOH and back titrated with oxalic acid. Using the data below, calculate the normality of the NaOH solution. 

Buret data: 

final volume (mL) of NaOh: 30.57 

final volume (mL) of oxalic acid: 49.21

Initial Volume (mL) of NaOH : 2.27 

Initial Volume (mL) of Oxalic acid : 44.23 

Mass of KHP: 0.6582 g 

Normality of Oxalic Acid: 0.03124 |32 N 

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