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1. Special and unique capabilities that distinguish the organization from its competitors are called __________ organizational capabilities.
A. distinguished    
B. distinctive    
C. demonstrated    
D. delineated   

2. The ability of Honda to use its fuel-efficient and reliable engines in automobiles, motorcycles, and power generators is an example of:
A. contributing to superior customer value.    
B. creating a product that is difficult for competitors to imitate.    
C. developing an innovation that can be used in a number of ways.    
D. simulating an effective system developed by a competitor.   

3. The organization’s major value-creating skills and capabilities that are shared across multiple product lines or multiple businesses are called:
A. distinctive organizational capabilities.    
B. competitive intelligence.    
C. core weaknesses.    
D. core competencies.   

4. Resources that the organization possesses and capabilities that the organization has developed, both of which can be developed into a sustainable competitive advantage, are known as:
A. weaknesses.    
B. strengths.    
C. opportunities.    
D. threats.